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How to make your girlfriend feel special

30 April 2015

The men, when comes the moment to make their woman satisfied about their relationship, they get lost in a glass of water. Surely we women are croaker, there is never anything good, and we always find something wrong on whatever they do… but there is also to admit that they are distracted and unfortunately make the mistake of assuming the relationship when it becomes stable. Dear men put this on mind: woman HAS TO BE courted … ALWAYS. Calm, calm … women have to do the same, constantly, but this is not the time to talk about that.

Speaking of men, I decided to give you 5 tips to follow severely, and you will see that your women will love you more than ever. If those who are reading this article are women, you can read it to your love (maybe “use it against him”, pointing out that your complaints are true and justified, but most of all … there is a CURE).

Repeat these rules 10 times before you go to read the next article:


- Flaws compliments: we women spend hours in front of the mirror, then when our man passes us up is only capable of complaining about our delay, but instead you use phrases like: “Love I really like the way you have collected hair, I’m beautiful … I hope that next time we will it take less time “:-)

Look, it’s easy, you just change the way you say things.

- Flaws favors: offer to do things for her, I’m not saying to turn you into Ambrose, but at least not refuse to go to the kitchen to fetch water … to you with costs nothing, it means so much to us women ;

- Uphold her and be present in his present and future projects: it is important that our man will support us, because it becomes a charge more;


- With a gift: women do not want the gift of luxury at all costs (well, if you want to give the Chanel 2.55, no one will be angry), what is surprising and makes a woman happy is the little things, the romantic note, a flower, our favorite chocolates … even a pen, the important thing is that both of our color, shape, favorite brand, just to prove that you spent five minutes of your precious time dedicating it to us.

- Organizing a trip or a surprise dinner, whether at home, in the garage, in the garden, in the courtyard, in the car, at the park or at the restaurant Cracco, what matters is the SPIRIT OF INITIATIVE. Yes, what is lacking in 91% of men on the planet earth.


- Certainly we women hate the sticky man, but man too cold and distant. Like everything in life, it takes the right balance of things, but if I’m honest, I prefer men who hug, cuddle, kiss, hold hands and his woman in the morning they wake up saying “Good morning my love.”


- Another stupid mistake is to “forget” the girlfriend when you are with friends, and spend the evening and on about how good you were to win the women on the “dance floor” or how many goals did Pippo in the last game against Juventus. Guys … interesting man is the one who is able to introduce women in the conversation, and not just talk about the same issue, that when they are in groups become so many monkeys ready to review the first woman passing. And do not deny the evidence, you are well, and that’s that. Girls … unfortunately I have bad news for you: MEN NEVER CHANGE, are always so for all ages.


- Of your ex, or any other woman in the world … there is nothing more foolish than to be with his woman and looks to throw before he returns. This attitude is a sign of lack of respect and self-confidence, because if you are unsure of yourself, you would not need to have confirmation in the eyes of others. Thus you spend your time and your eyes for your woman, or a day, while you’re busy watching another, another man will give her the attention that you give her missing.


- Important element for a healthy relationship is the FREEDOM, both of you need your space, your moments with friends, family and new acquaintances. This does not result in going with friends and flirting with every woman you meet, but to meet new people and discuss.

And what do you think? Even your man needs a guide to become a “gentleman”, or have you given up for a while ‘? As I always say in my articles, the men are imbued with a love. :)

Leave your comments or propose some topics to talk about!!

Kiss Simona <3


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