The Prince and the Princess “in” dreams

30 April 2015

I know girls … men are imperfect, distracted and superficial…

After years spent trying to change people, to change myself, city, gym, and even name ;-); I understood that we have to accept and love them how they are… but we have to TEACH them.

What I always said to myself is: “If you want something to change, you have to be the first that has to change.”

I spent years reading books about the communication in relationships, and the basis on which we choose the person to have on our side.

It seems completely random, but I assure you that there are very specific patterns that we follow every time we meet a person of the opposite sex.

Day by day, post by post I will tell everything I read, I learned and I lived mostly on my own skin.

Sorry to spoil the dreams of many young girls who dream to meet the prince, but the “perfect man” does not exist, but fortunately, even the mere fact of dreaming makes us special.

Dreaming about the prince means continuing to compare and judge who we meet daily with the ideal one.

When I was 23, after the last relationship gone  with “the wrong man”, my aunt gave me a book, “101 Ways to recognize your Prince Charming (without having to kiss all the frogs)”. A book with 101 tips on how to recognize the prince and how to run away from the wrong one.

After reading this book, I lost the hope of meeting the perfect man, but when you are dating someone who you like, but after a while you realize that it is not perfect. .. what do you do?


I grow up with an idea in the head, specific characteristics that THE MAN has to have, but then I realized that all these mental limitations imposed on ourselves, they hurt us, and do not make us live happily.

Raffaele Morelli, Italian psychotherapist and writer, teaches that “… the ideal man is not able to meet the expectations, but what struck it.

If you look for it having already a topped model, it is not surprising that what are you expected to appear soon and granted. Where the magic of the encounter with the Other? We can not approach in search of the right partner with the rules of the needs of every day, or only ever meet again … ourselves! “.

Therefore girls, street patterns, and on happiness. Stop groped to change HIM, real change must start from US same … and you will see, the “just” man will come.

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