Simona Totaro is the blogger behind Dress of Roses. She was born in Lucera in 1988. She inherited from her mother Carolina, the passion for fashion and design. She grow up as assistant fashion buyer for the shops of the family. Simona graduated in Economics & Business Administration in Pescara and now she is doing a Master’s Degree in Marketing & Communication in Milan.

She has never stopped dreaming about finding the Blue Prince, working in fashion, living on the beach, having three childrens (two girls, one boy), being happy and having a dog…

After years of sharing sharing her philosophy of lifestyle, happiness and love, her idea of how to be classy and elegant on every occasion, she has decided to start a blog.

Why “Dress of Roses” ?

Dress of Roses wants to be an opened window to her life. Because of the trips, love experiences, life experiences, for the things that she had seen, heard, the things that she appreciated and shared. Because she wants to share her taste for fashion, and a traversal good taste that allow all women to create their own image, the one where they can recognize themselves, feels no the top and express themselves!

Because she wants to talk about clothes and accessories, new trends and following fashion always faster.

To give you a critical eye to recognize styles, classic pieces, must-haves that every girl should follow.

She will share in this space her point of view, her inspirations, trends, stimulants coming from everywhere, new lives and passed one, dreams, stories and adventures.

She would like to talk about herself, to divert you, to amaze you, to fascinate you, to interest you, to transmit the desire to get involved and renew oneself that everybody has inside.

This is the place for the dreamers, the one who loves fashion, design, and everything beautiful and exciting there is in the world. This is the place for those who dare to dream every day. A community of those who see their dreams already as a reality.

Because between imagination and achievement, there is just one thought.

Don’t dream it, be it.

Photographer: Filipe Silva






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