Happiness is…

28 June 2016

“Happiness is… traveling the world with a bagpack and tootbrush”.


My friends, relatives … call me a citizen of the world. :-)

I am 27 years, and from 7 years I am traveling around Europe.

My first stop was Pescara, it was a bridge between my hometown, Lucera, and the rest of the world…

It was the moment that my journey began, and it still does not end …

Now you are asking, what push you to choose Pescara? What were you doing there?

Well… my dream, one of many, was living in Rome, but when the time came, my family said, “Or Pescara, or nothing!!”.

That’s why I finished to stay in Pescara …

I lived three years in that small town of Abruzzo, it was on the sea, and that’s great.

I had a very sweet boyfriend, Fabrizio, and many friends who are still my close friends. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I stop a few days in Pescara to see all of them again (not my ex … loll).

I stayed in Pescara until the completion of my studies in Economics and Business Administration.

At the end of the first degree, I felt ready to travel again …

Next stop: MILAN !!!

I’ll get in the next article :-)



Bagpack: Denny Rose

Watch: Calvin Klein

Leather Jacket: Zara

Jeans: Paul & Bear

Ph: ADAlmeida

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  • Reply Jaime Thursday June 30th, 2016 at 02:21 PM

    Beautiful !!!
    Hi from NYC!

    • Simona Totaro
      Reply Simona Totaro Friday July 1st, 2016 at 04:35 PM

      Hello Jaime. How is life going? I am happy you are still following my blog!!! Kisses :-*

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